Jasper Wolter


I was born and bred in West-Berlin, in the infamous district of Kreuzberg. As a true Berliner, I experienced the city’s struggle to find its new identity as the capital of a unified Germany and quickly became fascinated by Berlins highly varied history and ever changing character.

After school I completed my year of Civil service abroad in beautiful West Sussex in the south of England, refining my language skills before I started my studies in Cottbus in the east of Germany. But, although I was fortunate and was able to travel a lot and live in different places, Berlin always pulled me back. I moved back to Berlin after graduation and in 2015 started guiding and sharing my passion for the fascinating history of this city with guests and visitors.

I have been working with different tour companies in Berlin, focusing mainly on walking tours, as I believe it is the best way to explore any city.

Berlin is a fascinating city and has always played the lead role in modern German history. If you want to learn more about the history of Germany, Berlin is the place to start. Did you know that Berlin was the capital under five different types of government in the 20th century alone? Let me show you this diverse city of Berlin that has been the residence of Prussian Kings and German Emperors, has seen the nightlife of the golden 20s and been the centre of power under National Socialism, the city that was destroyed, rebuild, divided and reunified. Let me show you Berlin.

I am a member of the Berlin Guide Association (BBS).

In addition to working for our own company, I currently work with the following companies, among others:

  • Original Berlin Walks
  • Insider Tour

If you would like to book a tour with us, please use this link.